You Can't Hurry Love
Game(s) Just Dance 2 (DLC)
Just Dance Summer Party/Extra Songs
Just Dance Wii
Just Dance Now
Just Dance College Ruled 3: Party All Night (DLC)
Just Dance Greatest Hits 2/Best of 2
Artist The Supremes
Year 1966
Difficulty Medium (2) (JD2, JD:SP, JDW)
Hard (3) (JDNow, JD:CR3, JDGH2, JDBO2)
Effort 2 (Average)
No. of Gold Moves 7
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s) Female/Female
Alternate versions
Mode Duet
Pictogram Color Pinkish Purple/Blue
Glove Color Pink/Blue
Lyrics Color Dark Teal (Just Dance Now)

"You Can't Hurry Love" by The Supremes is featured on Just Dance 2 as a DLC, Just Dance Summer Party/Extra Songs, Just Dance Wii, Just Dance Greatest Hits 2/Best of 2, Just Dance College Ruled 3: Party All Night as a DLC, and Just Dance Now.


The dancers are two girls dressing waitress outfits: the 1st dancer's outfit is pinkish-purple, the 2nd dancer's one is aqua. They wear socks matched with their outfit.

Background Edit

An old style bar, with stools, lamps, a kitchen floor and various drinks.

Gold Moves Edit

There are 7 gold moves for this song:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7. Make a circle in the air with your arms, in the opposite direction of the other dancer such that both your hand and the other player's hand are directly opposite to each other.

Trivia Edit



File:The Supremes- You Can't Hurry Love - Original (Take 1)
File:Just Dance 2 - You Cant Hurry Love Gameplay
File:Just Dance Now You Can't Hurry Love 4* Stars (1st time playing)
File:Just Dance 2 Extra Songs You Can't Hurry Love, The Supremes (Duo)-(DLC JD2) 5*

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