Where Have You Been
Game(s) Just Dance 2014
Artist Rihanna
Year 2012
Difficulty Hard (Classic)
Hardest (Extreme)
Hard (On-Stage Mode)
Medium (Battle)
Hard (Mashup)
No. of Gold Moves 2 (Classic and On-Stage)
3 (Extreme)
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s) Female (Classic and Extreme)
Male/Female/Male (On-Stage)
Mash-Up April Unlockable
Alternate versions Extreme
On-Stage Mode
Mode Solo (Classic, Extreme and Mashup)
Trio (On-Stage)
Duet (Battle)
Pictogram Color Red (Classic)
Dark Orange (Extreme)
Dark Purple/Dark Blue/Dark Purple
Glove Color Dark Orange (Classic)
Light Purple (Extreme)
Cyan/Light Purple/Cyan (On-Stage)
Lyrics Color Orange (Classic, Extreme and Mashup)
Tangerine (On-Stage)

"Where Have You Been" by Rihanna is featured on Just Dance 2014



File:Wherehaveyou coach 1 big.png
  • The dance style is volcano goddess
  •  A traditional Native-American garment
  • Tattoos on the arms and legs 
  • Her outfit is red consisting a red tribal bra and a tribal long, swaying skirt.
  • Her hair is black, and appears to be dreads, but there are some red highlights.
  • Simillar to the Pound the Alarm and She Wolf dancers, her skin turns pitch black at certain times during the song, and her tattoos turn fire red. Even in the normal state, the tattoos sometimes light up red.


In the Extreme Version, the dance style is tribal. The dancer is wearing a typical tribal clothing, yellow and blue.  She also have an afro hair, and a headdress, and doesn't wear any shoes.


The lead dancer has pink hair and is wearing a blue mask with a tiara. She's wearing a blue bra shirt with a matching skirt and black heels with straps that reach the thighs. The backup dancers are both males with short black hair wearing white and blue masks, purple and blue hoodies with matching sweatpants and white shoes.

The left backup dancer's hoodie is sleeveless and the right back dancer's hoodie is long sleeved. During some parts of the song their outfits and hair change to pink and blue.


Classic Edit

The background looks like Venus. During the pre-chorus, flames start to appear and the volcanoes start to dissappear.

Extreme Edit

It is a normal Extreme background.

On-Stage Edit

It is a normal On-Stage background.

Gold Moves Edit

Classic Edit

The Classic routine has 2 Gold Moves, both of which are the same:

Both: Put your hands up and make a circle on the floor with your foot.

File:Gold Move-1.png

Extreme Edit

The Extreme routine has 3 Gold Moves.

File:Gold Extreme 1 2.png

Gold Moves 1 and 2: Make a circle on the floor.
Gold Move 3: Spin around.

File:Gold Extreme 3.png

On-Stage Edit

File:Gold On Stage.png

The On-Stage routine has 2 Gold Moves, both of which are the same:

Both: The lead dancer puts both hands on her head while both backup dancers point to the lead dancer.

Mashup Edit

File:Gold Mash Up 1 2.png

The Mashup has 4 Gold Moves:

File:Gold Mash Up 3.png

Gold Moves 1 and 2: Put your hands on the legs. (Disturbia)
Gold Move 3: Hit the air with your fists. (Apache (Jump On It))
Gold Move 4: Put your hands on your chin, as if you are surprised. (Barbra Streisand). Its only warning is a Gold Move's natural appearance and nothing else so be careful.(This means that the Pictogram of the gold move doesn't show up saying what move you need to do; for that reason, you must be careful.)


The song has a Dance Mash Up that can only be unlocked in April

Dancers (No Repeats)Edit

Party Master ModeEdit

Where Have You Been has a Party Master Mode. Here are the captions in order of appearance:

(Captions in bold indicate a Song Switch.)

Captions Edit

In Party Master Modes, the Classic and Extreme dancers appear. Here are the captions attributed to the dance moves.

Classic Edit

  • Ember Walk
  • Calling the flames
  • Burning Punches
  • Waving Salamander
  • Sharp Hands
  • Exorcism

Extreme Edit

  • Tribal Pulse
  • Catch the Sun
  • Where Are You?

Battle Edit

Where Have You Been has a battle against She Wolf (Falling To Pieces). For the battle click here.

Appearances in Mashups Edit

Where Have You Been appears in the following Mashups:

Classic Edit

Extreme Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The gameplay was revealed after Gamescon 2013, unlike most of the videos released in June and July.
  • The song was supposed to be seen with She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) and Starships, but it was held back until Gamescon.
  • On the PAL cover of the game, and on the UK website, the extreme coach wears black ankle strap heels, but in the game she's barefoot.
  • At the line "Where have you been all my li-i-i-i-i-i-fe" all the dancers from each mode (except when She wolf is winning the battle) do the same move, which is moving the arms up and down while forward. This move is inspired from the music video which is done at that moment.
  • The backup dancers from the On-Stage Mode resemble members of Hollywood Undead.
  • The song won in Just Dance Awards on official Facebook page in category On Stage Choreo Of The Year.
  • This is Rihanna's sixth song in the series. The first was S.O.S on Just Dance 2, the second was Pon de Replay as DLC on Just Dance 2, the third was Only Girl (In The World) in Just Dance 3 (Target Edition), the fourth was Disturbia and the fifth was Umbrella, both on Just Dance 4. Her seventh song, Diamonds, is on Just Dance 2015.
  • The Classic dancer is currently the only female dancer in the history of Just Dance to have visible tattoos.
  • If you look closely at the Classic dancer, her eyes make her look angry.
  • This is the song has the most modes in Just Dance 2014 (Classic, Mashup, Extreme, On-Stage, Battle and Party Master), along with Gentleman (Classic, Sweat, Mashup, Battle and Party Master) and #thatPOWER (Classic, Extreme, Mashup, On-Stage and Battle).
  • The Classic's background resembles the planet Venus, having fire and storms.
  • On the advertisement, the extreme dancer is the second coach to have her tongue be visible; she follows Price Tag.
  • The extreme dancer looks like Rihanna in the second verse of the music video.
  • The Party Master has a glitch: if you select the caption Pin-Up Push in the second chorus, the Gold Move effect appears, although that part doesn't have any Gold Move.

Gallery Edit


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