Unknown Dancer is a Just Dance Unknowable Dance.

??? DancerEdit

Just DanceEdit


Just Dance 2Edit


Just Dance 3Edit

Jungle Drum dancer

Just Dance 4Edit


Just Dance 2014Edit

Knowing Me Knowing You Beta Dancer

Just Dance 2015Edit

Dancing Queen 3 Dancers

Just Dance College RuledEdit

The dancer is a female, She wearing two gloves: one yellow and one purple and has a yellow headband. She is wearing a red pantsuit.

Just Dance College Ruled 2Edit

The 2 dancers (both were kittens (: ) appears in Smooth mashup for the first time.


Dancers (No Repeats):

Theme: Listen Up

  • Movement is Happiness (Find Your Thing)
  • The World is Ours
  • Dagomba
  • Love Me Again
  • Starships
  • We Are The World
  • You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
  • Futebal Crazy
  • Just Lose It

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