"Tetris" will be a song on Just Dance 2015. The Artist that is credited is Dancing Bros.

Dancers Edit

The Dancers are wearing helmets and latex combinaisons of different colors with a Tetris piece represented on it.

The first is purple and bears a "T" shaped brick.

The second is red and bears a "Z" shaped one.

The third is cyan and bears a straight bar.

The last is yellow and bears a reversed "L" bar.

Background Edit

It is like the original Tetris game.

Gold movesEdit

IMG 20140712 231904

Gold Move


  • It is based off the original Tetris game.
  • This is the 3rd Dancing Bros cover song, the 1st being Everybody Needs Somebody To Love in Just Dance 4 and the 2nd Moskau in Just Dance 2014.
    • However, this isn't a cover. This was the actual song that they used.
  • The song is only a minute and 23 seconds long.
    • Because of the shortness of the song, and the small amount of moves that are actually counted, the star bar moves very quickly.
    • This beats Down By The River Side by 27 seconds as the second shortest JD song in history. However it falls short by 18 seconds, being longer than アセロラ体操のうたいいえ.
  • Some moves are really hard to do, especially without other people dancing with you.
  • This is the second video game based song in the series after "Just Mario" from Just Dance 3.
  • This song was probably meant to sponsor the new game 'Tetris: Ultimate', which was introduced the same day as Just Dance 2015.