Game(s) Just Dance 2015
Artist Calvin Harris
Year 2014
No. of Gold Moves 5
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s) Female (♀) (Classic)
Male (♂) (Fitness)
Mash-Up Girl Power
Alternate versions Fitness Dance
Party Master Mode
Mode Solo
Pictogram Color Green (Classic)
Blue (Fitness)
Glove Color Yellow (Classic)
Dark Pink (Fitness)
Lyrics Color Dark Pink

"Summer" by Calvin Harris is featured on Just Dance 2015.




The dancer is a girl with jade green hair, gold sunglasses, a pink sports bra with gold straps around it, a jade transparent skirt with black (seen to be green from the skirt) sequin underwear, and pink lace up heels.



The sweat dancer is a man with short black hair and a beard, a green and black shirt with some yellow and blue stripes, and blue and black pants with green triangles and yellow stripes, black socks, and yellow shoes.




The background has shiny vertical lines that have triangles moving around in them, thin horizontal lines, and highlighting circles.


The dancer is standing on a marathon track (similar to the track in JD2014 Sweat modes) that flashes in bouts of red and cyan. The numbers 4, 5 and 6 can be partially seen when the track is lighted up.

Mashup Edit

Summer has an unlockable Mashup with the theme Girl Power and only features female coaches.

[GM#] = indicates where the Gold Moves occur.

Dancers Edit

Gold MovesEdit

Classic Edit

  • Gold Moves 1, 3, & 5: Move your right hand quickly in a semi-circle going to the right.
  • Gold Moves 2 & 4: Touch your left leg with your right hand while kicking behind.

Fitness Edit

  • All 5: Hop and throw your arms in the air.

Party Master ModeEdit

Summer has a Party Master Mode. Here are the captions listed in order of appearance.

(Captions in bold indicate a Song Switch)


  • All the dancers for Calvin Harris' songs so far are females.
    • However, this song has a male Fitness dancer.
  • The background is borrowed and recreated with a few different perks and colours from the Just Dance 4 exclusive song Domino.
  • The coach doesn't have the typical white skin tone, she's more like the coach of Hot n Cold but a little bit whiter.
  • This is the third Calvin Harris song in the series following Acceptable in the 80s and I Need Your Love (from Just Dance and Just Dance 2014 respectively).
  • Her skirt and the top of her hair can be seen through.
  • In the second chorus, her skirt gets up because of the arm movement and shows the sequin.
  • In the game, the song is about 20 second shorter than the original one. The last chorus is just a bit cut.
  • In the trailer and first appearance of the song's pictograms were simpler and could be seen Gamescom with more sophisticated pictograms.
  • The Fitness dancer looks like the dancer from Can't Hold Us ,Troublemaker Sweat, Just Dance Sweat, Follow The Leader Sweat and P1 from Blame It on the Boogie (all of which are from Just Dance 2014).
  • American Girl & Mr. Saxobeat (who look similar to each other) appear right after each other in the mashup.
  • Some of the moves are recycled from Only Girl (In The World).
  • The Sweat choreography is performed by Benjamin Akl
  • Due to the stricter rules on YouTube majority of the videos of the choreography featuring the music are blocked.
    • It's hard to find this choreo without pitched, removed or instrumental audio.

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