Sax by Fluer East is featured on Just Dance Forever 2.0.

Dancers Edit


All the dancers clothing except for their shoes change colors. During the verses the dancers clothing are purple, during the chorus they turn red, & during the bridge they turn gold.

P1: (Glove Color: Purple)

The dancer is a woman with a black ponytail, a leathery crop top, leathery skinny jeans, & white shoes.

P2: (Glove Color: Gold)

The dancer is a woman that looks like Fluer East from the video. She has black curly hair, a leathery jacket, a leathery crop top, a leathery miniskirt, & white shoes.

P3: (Glove Color: Red)

The dancer is a man with black hair and a beard, a red T-shirt, a pair of leathery shorts, & white shoes.

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