Pretty Girls by Britney Spears ft. Iggy Azeala is featured on Just Dance Forever 2.0.

Dancer(s) Edit


The dancers are all females in Urban fashion.


The dancer has black hair tied into a ponytail, wears a magenta leopard print hoodie crop top, gold hooded earrings, blue skinny jeans, and pink sneakers.


The dancer has long light brown hair, wears a red bandana, a turquoise denim romper, gold bracelets on her right wrist, and black boots.


The dancer has dark brown hair in a boxer braid, wears a gold yellow beanie, purple tube top, a gold necklace, blue baggy jeans, and purple combat boots.


The dancer has brown curly hair, wears a hot pink & raspberry striped tank top, a gold bracelet on her upper arm, blue mini-shorts, black fishnet tights, and hot pink platform sneakers.

Mashup Edit


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