on hold is a song by the xx


Onhold Coach 1
the dancer wears navy blue hair in a ponytail

she has a bodysuit with hearts

pink and purple belt

blue boots

purple glove


The Background Switches Alot

There is a door That Leads to the Je Pais Se Danser Background

There Is also Another Door That Leads to the Crying Blood Background 

There is another another door That possibly leads to the Background from BonBon 

the last door leads to Circus

The background switches to Same Old Love,Wherever i go,Maru Maru Mori Mori,Roar,I gotta feeling,Call Me maybe,Into you,Samashii negato,Single ladies,Groove,Tico tico no fuba,She wolf falling to pieces,Teenage dream (Both backgrounds),Dont worry be happy,Mister,Bonbon,All About us,Uptown Funk,The song ends with the background from you spin me right round

Gold MovesEdit



there is a pictogram code name and it is: Onhold_B**ch

this is the only song by the xx in this game


The xx - On Hold (Official Video)04:32

The xx - On Hold (Official Video)

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