My Boo (Radio Edit)
Game(s) Just Dance College Ruled 11: Love All Night 3
Just Dance College Ruled 12: Light All Night (DLC)
Artist Ghost Town DJs
(The Running Man Challenge Girls ft. thatdancingdog)
Year 1996
2023 (The Running Man Challenge Girls ft. thatdancingdog's version)
No. of Gold Moves 9 (Classic)
1 (The Running Man Challenge Dance)
10 (Mash-up)
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s) Female/Male/Female (Classic)
Male (The Running Man Challenge Dance)
Mash-Up Best of JD1 - JD:CR10
Alternate versions
Mode Trio (Classic)
Solo (The Running Man Challenge Dance)
Pictogram Color Pink/Light Brown/Green (Classic)
Neon Green (The Running Man Challenge Dance)
Glove Color Scarlet/Blue/Magenta (Classic)
Lavender (The Running Man Challenge Dance)
Lyrics Color Magenta (Classic/Mash-up)
Cyan (The Running Man Challenge Dance)

"My Boo (Radio Edit)" by Ghost Town DJs (covered by The Running Man Challenge Girls ft. thatdancingdog) is a song, featured on Just Dance College Ruled 11: Love All Night 3.



  • P1 - The dancer is a girl with black hair, red sunglasses, a pink shirt with purple and blue shapes on it (recycled from Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)), a scarlet glove, dark purple sweat pants, and black, blue, and neon green shoes.
  • P2 - The dancer is the classic dancer & P3 from the alternative version of Que Sera, with some differences. He has a brown cap, a gold chain with a medal that says "JD" on it, a cyan tank top, a blue animal glove, & turquoise & red striped pants (recycled from I Was Made For Lovin’ You).
  • P3 - The dancer is a girl with brown hair, sea green sunglasses, a green catsuit (recycled from Oops!...I Did It Again), a magenta glove, and neon green boots (recycled from Think).

The Running Man Challenge DanceEdit

The dancer is the dancer from Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now). His cap and shirt are neon green, the shapes on his shirt are colored blue, magenta, white, & black, his glove is lavender, his pants are sky blue with neon green pocket slits, & his shoes are blue with green bottoms and laces.


This song has a mash-up. It contains dancers from Just Dance 1 to Just Dance College Ruled 10: Showtime All Night 3

Theme: Best of JD1 - JD:CR10.


Gold MovesEdit


  • Gold move 1: Point your finger at the screen. (Done during the lyric "I've been watching you")
  • Gold moves 2, 4, 6, & 9: If you are P2, put your hands on your heart. If you are P1 or P3, put your hands up like you are hitting in the air (Similar to Funhouse).
  • Gold moves 3, 5, & 7: Point with your right arm to the sky with your left arm down (Similar to Part of Me).
  • Gold move 8: Put your left hand by your left hip and do a peace sign with your right hand (Similar to Some Catchin' Up To Do).

The Running Man Challenge DanceEdit

  • Gold move 1: Cross both of your arms. This is the final move of the routine.


  • Gold moves 1, 3, & 7: Point forward with your right arm, one arm at a time and with your left hand on your head. (Done with Acceptable in the 80s)
  • Gold moves 2 & 6: Put your hands at your chin as if you're surprised. (Done with Barbra Streisand)
  • Gold move 4: Cross your arms and then throw them into the air. (Done with All About That Bass)
  • Gold move 5: Put both of your hands down at the screen. (Done with I Will Survive)
  • Gold move 8: Close both of your arms in a circle. (Done with Futebol Crazy)
  • Gold move 9: Put your right hand on your chin. (Done with Good Feeling)
  • Gold move 10: Spread your arms out in a big circle. This is the final move for this mash-up. (Done with What Is Love)


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