Love Me Again
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"Love Me Again" by John Newman will be featured in Just Dance 2015.

File:Just Dance 2015 - Love Me Again FULL - E3 2014


The dancer is a male with an orange glove. He has sunglasses on and a moustache and beard, mostly going underneath his head. His hair is dark brown. he is wearing a dark blue jacket, with a light blue shirt underneath. He is wearing a pale green sweater-vest. His pants are black.


  • If you look closely, the dancer kind of resembles Bad News Barret or Sal Vulcano from Impractical Jokers.
  • Lyrics appears on the background, but not all words.
  • This song will have a mash-up.(Uplay exclusive) [1]
  • This is one of the first routines in the main series to contain the dancer sliding to the other side of the screen.

Gold MovesEdit

Gold Move 1 & 3: Punch downward with your fist.

Gold Move 2: Hit the floor. (Akin to Funhouse)

Gold Move 4: Raise your arms completely. This is the last move.



File:John Newman - Love Me Again
File:Love Me Again - John Newman Just Dance 2015 Gameplay

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