Lips Are Movin by Meghan Trainor is featured in Just Dance College Ruled.



The Dancer is a female looks like Meghan Trainor as a official video.


A cat from S4:E7 The Case of the Missing Memory in PBS Kids show "Cyberchase" was wearing a hat from Troublemaker.


look like on the video with blue wall and white line and lip in the middle.

Gold MoveEdit


Lips Are Movin' appears in the Party Master Mode


  • Look At Me


  • Mysterious Cat
  • Hot Cat
  • Legal In the World
  • Just Look
  • Try South Africa
  • Sunshine Mississippi
  • You Trap Me
  • ₩icked/Wicked
  • ¥ou Respect/You Respect
  • Cat Jump
  • Know This
  • Produce
  • So
  • Boost This


  • This is a second Meghan Trainor in the series, First is All About That Bass.
  • A second dancer is based in the Seventh episode of the Season 4 of The PBS Kids show "Cyberchase".
  • A "💿" appearance in the background.

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