A Japanese game released on TBA in Japan.

Gameplay Edit

As was previous Just Dance games, players are judged on their ability to mimic on-screen dancers performing a routine to a chosen song.

DLC is not a pecent.

World Dance Floor, Dance Mashups, Just Create, and Party Master Mode is pecent

Demo version is available for Xbox 360 on Japan.

The mojo coins displayed on the screen is "M" in Just Dance College Ruled but is "JD" in Just Dance Xbox 360 Japan.

There is an option for the player to not pick a avatar, rather than have a default one.

The moves are much calmer compared to Just Dance Wii And Just Dance Xbox 360 Japan but also has the hardest difficulty being hardest.

Just Dance Wii broke this rule by having a songs with difficulty and effort 3/3+EXILE has the most songs on all three games.

The menu is changed to having two songs showing up when entering the menu.

This is cause the lack of shop and worldwide dance floor

Different sound effects are added when chosing and scrolling.

Track listingEdit

Song Artist Difficulty Year Mode Dancer(s)
(I've Had) The Time of My Life Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes Medium [Hard] 1987 Duet G/B
"Airplanes" B.o.B feat. Hayley Williams Easy 2010 Solo B
All I Ever Wanted Basshunter Medium 2008 Dance Crew B/G/B/B
Baby Don't Stop Now Anja Medium 2011 Solo G
Blurred Lines Robin Thicke feat. Pharrell Williams Easy 2013 Duet B/B
Call It Whatever Bella Throne Easy 2014 Solo G
Candy Candy Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Easy 2012 Solo G
Could You Be Loved Bob Marley Medium [Easy] 1980 Duet G/G
Cardiac Caress Sweat Invaders Medium 2011 Solo G
Dark Horse Katy Perry ft. Juicy J TBA 2014 Solo G
Disturbia Hatsune Miku [Rihanna] Hard 2008 Solo G
Domino Jessie J Easy 2011 Solo G
Don't Look Now Far East Movement ft. Keri Medium TBA Solo B
Fine China Chris Brown Medium 2013 Solo B
Funhouse P!nk Medium [Hard] 2009 Solo G
Flashdance...What a Feeling* Irene Cara (The Girly Team) Easy [Hard] 1983 Solo G
Gee Girls' Generation Medium 2010 Solo G
Get Lucky Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams Medium 2013 Duet B/B
"Giddy on Up (Giddy on Out)" Laura Bell Bundy Medium 2010 Solo G
Gimme Choco!! (ギメチョコ!!) Babymetal Easy 2013 Trio G/G/G
Isidora Bog Bog Orkestar Hard [Medium] 2013 Solo B
Kaze wa Fuiteiru AKB48 Medium 2011 Duet G/G
Kiss You One Direction Hard [Easy] 2013 Dance Crew B/B/B/B
Love You Like a Love Song Selena Gomez and the Scene Easy 2011 Solo G
Lucifer SHINee Medium 2010 Solo B
Marilyn Monroe Pharrell Williams Medium 2014 Duet B/G
Miss Understood Sammie Easy [Medium] 2013 Solo G
Momoiro Punch Momoiro Clover Z Medium 2009 Solo G
Mr. Saxobeat Alexandra Stan Easy 2011 Solo G
Nanokame No Ketsui UVERworld Easy 2014 Trio B/G/B
Oh No! Marina and the Diamonds Easy [Hard] 2010 Solo G
One Thing One Direction Easy 2011 Duet G/B
One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) One Direction Medium 2013 Solo B
Run the Show Kat Deluna ft. Busta Rhymes Medium [Hard] 2008 Duet G/G
The Music Tree Just Dance Universe Medium 2014 Duet B-B-B/G-G-G
Smile Avril Lavigne Medium 2011 Solo G
So What P!nk Easy 2008 Solo G
"Take on Me"°/(3)/(K2014) a-ha Easy 1985 Solo B
Umbrella (S) Rihanna ft. Jay-Z Medium [Easy] 2007 Solo G
Want U Back Cher Lloyd ft. Astro Easy 2012 Solo G

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