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Just Dance: Greatest Hits
Released: NAJune 29, 2012
EUMarch 30, 2012
System(s): Xbox, NTSC Wii
Developed by: Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft Romania, Ubisoft Reflections
Published by: Ubisoft Studios
Genre(s): Dance
Rating(s): E10+, PEGI3

It is part of the Just Dance video game series published by Ubisoft originally on the Wii.

Track listingEdit

Best Of 2Edit

This game has 40+ songs, but only the songs that are not on Greatest Hits 2 are listed here.

Song Artist Difficulty Year Mode Dancer Original Game
Cosmic Girl(B) Jamiroquai Easy 1996 Solo
Just Dance 2
Down By The Riverside(B) The Reverend Horatio Duncan and Amos Sweets Medium 1927 Solo
Just Dance 2 DLC
Futebol Crazy(B) The World Cup Girls Easy 2009 Solo
Futebol Crazy-Just Dance
Just Dance 2 DLC
Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of Monika)*/(B) Lou Bega (The Lemon Cubes) Hard 1999 Duet
Just Dance 2 DLC
Move Your Feet(B) Junior Senior Hard 2003 Solo
Just Dance 2
Mugsy Baloney(B) Charleston Hard 1924 Duet
Just Dance 2
Say It Right Nelly Furtado Hard 2006 Solo G Just Dance College Ruled DLC
Iko Iko(B) Mardi Gras Easy 1953 Solo
Just Dance Now - Iko Iko
Just Dance 2
Nitro Bot(B) Sentai Express Medium 2013 Duet
Just Dance 2014
thatPower ft. Justin Bieber Hard 2013 Dance Crew
Just Dance 2014
Marilyn Monroe(B) Pharell Williams Medium 2014 Duet B/G Just Dance College Ruled
A Little Less Conversation(B) Elvis Presley vs. JXL Medium 1968 Solo
Just Dance Now - A Little Less Conversation
Just Dance
Ain't No Other Man*/(B) Christina Aguilera (The Girly Team) Easy [Medium] 2006 Solo
Just Dance 4 Wii U Edition
Let's Groove(B) Earth, Wind & Fire (Equinox Stars) Medium 1981 Trio
Just Dance Now - Let's Groove
Just Dance 2016
We R Who We R(B) Ke$ha Hard [Medium] 2010 Solo
Just Dance 4 DLC
Leila(B) Cheb Salama Easy 2016 Solo G Just Dance 2017
Tennis Court Lorde Hard 2014 Solo G Just Dance College Ruled
Superstition(B) Stevie Wonder Medium [Easy] 1972 Solo
Just Dance 4
Shake It Off Taylor Swift Medium 2014 Solo G Just Dance College Ruled DLC/BOY
Bailar(B) Deorro ft. Elvis Crespo Medium 2016 Solo B Just Dance 2017
Everybody Needs Somebody to Love*/(B) The Blues Brothers (The Dancing Bros) Medium 1980 Duet
Just Dance 4
Dancin' the Cowgirl Twirl(B) Disney's Sheriff Callie Hard 2014 Dance Crew G/B/B/G Just Dance College Ruled
Satellite(B) Lena Meyer-Landrut Easy 2010 Solo
Just Dance Now - Satellite
Just Dance 3 PAL Exclusive
Tico-Tico No Fubá*/(B) Zequinha de Abreu (The Frankie Bostello Orchestra) Medium 1917 Duet B/G Just Dance 2017
So What(B) P!nk Medium [Easy] 2008 Solo
Just Dance 4
Carnaval Boom(B) Latino Sunset Medium 2016 Solo G Just Dance 2017
Dark Horse (B) Katy Perry Hard 2014 Trio
Just Dance 2015
Lemme Freak* Lil Dicky (The Sunlight Shakers) Hard 2014 Solo B Not Released
Holding Out For a Hero (Without Cats, Horses, and Wolves Version)(B) Bonnie Tyler Hard 1983 Solo
Just Dance 2015
Holla At The DJ(B) Coco Jones Medium 2013 Solo G Just Dance College Ruled
  • A (B) Means That The Song Is On Both Games.

Greatest Hits 2Edit

This game has 60+ songs, but only the songs that are not on Best Of 2 are listed here.

Song Artist Difficulty Year Mode Dancer Original Game
A-Punk(B) Vampire Weekend Easy 2008 Duet
Just Dance Now - A-Punk
Just Dance 2
Acceptable in the 80s(B) Calvin Harris Medium 2007 Solo
Just Dance Now - Acceptable in the 80's
Just Dance
Airplanes(B) B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams Easy 2010 Solo
Just Dance Now - Airplanes
Just Dance 3
Alright(B) Supergrass Medium 1995 Duet
Just Dance 2
Baby Girl(B) Reggaeton Medium 2003 Solo
Baby girl jdn
Just Dance 2
Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim Remix)(B) Beastie Boys Easy 1998 Solo
Just Dance Now - Body Movin'
Just Dance 2
Barbie Girl* Aqua (Countdown Dee's Hit Explosion) Easy 1997 Duet
Just Dance Now - Barbie Girl
Just Dance 2
Crazy in Love*/(B) Beyoncé feat Jay Z. (Studio Musicians) Medium [Hard] 2003 Solo
Crazy In Love JDN Remake
Just Dance 2
Dagomba(B) Sorcerer Medium 2003 Solo
Just Dance 2
Dare(B) Gorillaz Medium 2005 Solo
Just Dance Now - Dare
Just Dance
Eye of the Tiger#/(B) Survivor Easy 1982 Solo
Just Dance Now - Eye of the Tiger
Just Dance
Fame*/(B) In the style of Irene Cara Easy 1980 Solo
Just Dance Now - Fame
Just Dance
Firework#/(B) Katy Perry Easy 2010 Solo
Just Dance Now - Firework
Just Dance 2
Girlfriend(B) Avril Lavigne Medium 2007 Duet
Just Dance Now - Girlfriend
Just Dance 2
Hey Ya!(B) Outkast Medium [Hard] 2003 Solo
Just Dance Now - Hey Ya
Just Dance 2
Hot N Cold (Rock Version)#/(B) Katy Perry Easy 2008 Solo
Just Dance Now - Hot N Cold
Just Dance
It's Raining Men(B) The Weather Girls Medium 1983 Solo
It's Raining Men JDN Remake
Just Dance 2
Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)(B) A. R. Rahman and The Pussycat Dolls feat. Nicole Scherzinger Medium 2009 Solo
Just Dance Now - Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny)
Just Dance 2 BBE
Jin Go Lo Ba(B) Fatboy Slim Medium 2004 Solo
Just Dance Now - Jin Go Lo Ba
Just Dance
Jump in the Line (Shake, Senora)*/(B) Harry Belafonte (The Sunlight Shakers) Easy [Hard] 1961 Duet
Just Dance Now - Jump in the Line
Just Dance 2
Kung Fu Fighting(B) Carl Douglas Medium 1974 Duet
Just Dance Now - Kung Fu Fighting
Just Dance 2
Only Girl (In the World)(B) Rihanna Medium 2010 Solo
Only Girl (In The World)
Just Dance 3
Proud Mary(B) Ike & Tina Turner Medium 1971 Solo
Just Dance Now - Proud Mary
Just Dance 2
Rasputin(B) Boney M. Medium [Hard] 1978 Solo
Just Dance Now - Rasputin
Just Dance 2
Ring My Bell(B) Anita Ward Medium 1979 Solo
Just Dance
Step by Step(B) New Kids on the Block Medium 1990 Solo
Just Dance Now - Step By Step
Just Dance
The Power(B) Snap! Medium 1990 Solo
Just Dance Now - The Power
Just Dance 2
TiK ToK(B) Ke$ha Easy [Medium] 2009 Solo
Just Dance 2
U Can't Touch This*/(B) MC Hammer Medium 1990 Solo
Just Dance
Viva Las Vegas(B) Elvis Presley Medium 1964 Solo
Just Dance Now - Viva Las Vegas
Just Dance 2
Who Let the Dogs Out?(B) Baha Men (The Sunlight Shakers) Medium 2000 Solo
Just Dance
Don't Stop Me Now(B) Queen Easy 1979 Solo
Just Dance 2017
Beautiful Liar*/(B) Beyoncé & Shakira (Countdown Mix Masters) Easy [Hard] 2007 Duet
Just Dance Now - Beautiful Liar
Just Dance 3
Follow Me(B) E-Girls Hard 2012 Solo
Followme cover generic
Just Dance Wii U
Sway (Quien Sera)*/(B) Michael Bublé (Marine Band) Medium 2003 Duet
Just Dance Now - Sway
Just Dance 2
Last Christmas*/(B) Wham! (Santa Clones) Easy 1984 Duet B/G Just Dance 2017
Girls Just Want to Have Fun(B) Cyndi Lauper Easy 1983 Solo
Just Dance
Don’t Worry(B) Madcon ft. Ray Dalton Hard 2015 Duet Just Dance 2017
Titanium(B) David Guetta ft. Sia Hard 2011 Solo G Just Dance 2017
Take on Me(B) a-ha Easy 1985 Solo
Just Dance Now - Take On Me
Just Dance 3
Naughty Girl(B) Beyoncé Easy 2003 Solo G Just Dance 2018
Born This Way(B) Lady Gaga Medium 2011 Trio
Just Dance 2016
BarBarBar(B) Crayon Pop Medium 2013 Dance Crew
Jdcbarbarbar cover generic
Just Dance Now (Chinese Version)
Holiday*/(B) Madonna (The Hit Crew) Medium 1983 Solo
Just Dance Now - Holiday
Just Dance 2
Follow the Leader(B) Wisin and Yandel feat. Jennifer Lopez Hard 2012 Solo
Just Dance 2014
Electric Boy(B) KARA Medium 2012 Solo
Just Dance Wii U
All About That Bass(B) Meghan Trainer Easy 2014 Solo
Just Dance 2016
Soul Bossa Nova(B) Quincy Jones and His Orchestra Easy 1962 Duet G/B Just Dance 2
Wherever I Go(B) OneRepublic Medium 2016 Solo B Just Dance 2017
The Final Countdown(B) Europe Medium [Hard] 1986 Duet
Just Dance 4
Worth It(B) Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink Hard 2015 Solo
Just Dance 2017
Automaton(B) Jamiroquai Hard 2017 Solo B Just Dance 2018
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)*/(B) C+C Music Factory feat. Freedom Williams (Sweat Invaders) Medium 1990 Solo
Just Dance Now - Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
Just Dance 3
Let It Go*/(B) Idina Menzel (Disney's Frozen) Easy 2013 Duet
Just Dance Now - Let It Go
Just Dance 2015
I Want You Back(B) The Jackson 5 Easy [Medium] 1969 Solo
Just Dance 2
Rock N Roll(B) Avril Lavigne Easy 2013 Solo
Just Dance Now - Rock n' Roll
Just Dance 2014 DLC
Bang(B) Anitta Medium 2015 Solo G Just Dance 2017
Promiscuous(B) Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland Medium 2006 Duet
Just Dance Now - Promiscuous
Just Dance 3
Hips Don’t Lie(B) Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean Medium 2005 Solo
Just Dance 2017
Circus(B) Britney Spears Medium 2008 Dance Crew
Just Dance 2016
Katti Kalandal(B) Bollywood Medium 1980 Duet
Just Dance Now - Katti Kalandal
Just Dance 2
Into You(B) Ariana Grande Medium 2016 Solo G Just Dance 2017
Am I Wrong(B) Nico & Vinz Medium 2013 Solo
Just Dance 2016
Take Me Out(B) Franz Ferdinand Medium 2004 Solo
Just Dance Now - Take Me Out
Just Dance 2
Speedy Gonzales*/(B) Pat Boone (Los Pimientos Locos) Easy 1962 Duet
Just Dance Now - Speedy Gonzalez
Just Dance 2015
Dragostea Din Tei(B) O-Zone Medium 2003 Trio
Just Dance 2017
Blame It On The Boogie(B) Mick Jackson Easy 1978 Dance Crew
Just Dance 2014
Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)(B) Beyoncé Medium 2008 Solo G Just Dance 2017
(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life(B) Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes Easy [Hard] 1987 Duet
Just Dance Now - (I've Had) The Time Of My Life
Just Dance 4
Cola Song(B) INNA ft. J Balvin Easy 2014 Solo G Just Dance 2017
India Waale(B) From The Movie "Happy New Year" Hard 2014 Duet
Just Dance Now - India Waale
Just Dance Now/Just Dance 2015
Like I Would(B) ZAYN Medium 2016 Solo
Just Dance 2017
Disturbia(B) Rihanna Hard 2008 Solo
Latest 2
Just Dance 4
Groove(B) Jack & Jack Medium 2014 Duet B/B Just Dance 2017
The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody)(B) Bebe Rexha ft. Lil Wayne  Medium 2017 Duet G/B*-B*-B*-B* Just Dance 2018
EG Stomp(B) Cast Of MLP: EG Easy 2013 Dance Crew
EG Stomp-Just Dance
Just Dance College Ruled 2
Hey Mama(B) David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack Hard 2014 Trio
Just Dance 2016
Moves Like Jagger(B) Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera Medium 2011 Solo
Moves Like Jagger-Just Dance
Just Dance 4
Sorry(B) Justin Bieber Medium 2015 Solo
Just Dance 2017
Rockafeller Skank(B) Fatboy Slim Hard 1998 Solo B Just Dance 2
At the Gala*/(B) Rebecca Shoichet, Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman, Shannon Chan-Kent, & Kazumi Evans (Hasbro's MLP) Easy 2011 Solo G*-G*-G*-G*-G*-G* Just Dance College Ruled 10: Showtime All Night 3
Just Dance(B) Lady Gaga Medium [Hard] 2008 Solo
Just Dance Now - Just Dance
Just Dance 2014
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go(B) Wham! Easy 1984 Solo
Just Dance Now - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Just Dance 2
Problem(B) Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea and Big Sean Medium 2014 Solo
Just Dance 2015
Born to Be Wild(B) Steppenwolf Easy 1967 Solo B Just Dance 2
Can’t Feel My Face(B) The Weeknd Medium 2015 Solo B Just Dance 2017
Birthday(B) Katy Perry Medium 2014 Solo
Just Dance 2015
Beauty And A Beat Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj Hard 2012 Solo
Just Dance 4
Rockabye(B) Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie Medium 2016 Duet
Just Dance 2018
S.O.S.(B) Rihanna Hard 2006 Solo
Just Dance Now - SOS
Just Dance 2
Domino(B) Jessie J Easy 2011 Solo
Just Dance 4 Wii U Edition
Funkytown*/(B) Lipps Inc. (Sweat Invaders) Easy 1980 Solo
Just Dance Now - Funkytown
Just Dance 2 BBE
Cool for the Summer(B) Demi Lovato Medium 2015 Solo
Cool for the summer HD Square Real
Just Dance 2016
We Can't Stop (B) Miley Cyrus Medium 2013 Solo
S8656045963772 1412762210
Just Dance 2015
Walk Like an Egyptian(B) The Bangles Medium 1986 Solo
Just Dance Now - Walk Like an Egyptian
Just Dance 2
Te Dominar(B) Daya Luz Medium 2016 Trio B/G/B Just Dance 2017
Cotton-Eye Joe(B) Rednex Easy 1994 Solo
Just Dance Now - Cotton Eye Joe
Just Dance
Radical(B) Dyro & Dannic Hard 2014 Solo G Just Dance 2017
Prince Ali(B) Disney's Aladdin Medium 1992 Dance Crew
Just Dance Now - Prince Ali
Just Dance 2014
What Is Love(B) Haddaway (Ultraclub 90) Medium 1993 Solo
What Is Love
Just Dance 2017
Pump Up the Jam(B) Technotronic Medium 1989 Solo B Just Dance
Mamasita(B) Latino Sunset Hard 2001 Duet
Just Dance Now - Mamasita
Just Dance 3
My Boo (Radio Edit)*/(B) Ghost Town DJs (The Running Man Challenge Girls ft. thatdancingdog) Easy 1996 (2023) Trio G/B/G Just Dance College Ruled 11: Love All Night 3
Skin-to-Skin(B) Sweat Invaders Easy 2010 Solo B Just Dance 2
Ain’t My Fault(B) Zara Larsson 2016 Solo Just Dance 2017
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)(B) Dead or Alive Medium 1984 Solo
Just Dance 2015
Oishii Oishii(B) Wanko Ni Mero Mero Easy 2016 Duet B/G Just Dance 2017
Walk This Way(B) Run DMC ft. Aerosmith Hard 1986 Dance Crew
Just Dance Now - Walk This Way
Just Dance 2015
Take My Breath Away*/(B) Berlin (thatdancingdog ft. Sky Trucking) Easy 1986 (2021) Trio B/B/G Just Dance College Ruled 9: Party All Night 3
Bad Romance(B) Lady Gaga Hard 2009 Trio
Just Dance Now - Bad Romance
Just Dance 2015
Pure Imagination(B) From the movie "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" Easy 1971 Solo B Just Dance College Ruled 9: Party All Night 3
Best Song Ever(B) One Direction Medium 2013 Dance Crew B/B/B/B Just Dance 2015
Little Swing(B) AronChupa ft. Little Sis Nora Easy 2016 Duet B/G Just Dance 2017
Jump*/(B) Kris Kross (Studio Allstars) Hard 1992 Duet
Just Dance Now - Jump
Just Dance 2
Que Sera*/(B) Justice Crew (thatdancingdog) Medium 2014 (2015) Solo B Just Dance College Ruled 8: Love All Night 2
The Lazy Song(B) Bruno Mars Medium 2011 Solo
Just Dance 4
Taste The Feeling(B) Avicii ft. Conrad Sewell Medium 2016 Solo
Tastethefeeling updated
Just Dance 2016
Kissing Strangers DNCE ft. Nicki Minaj Hard 2017 Duet B/B Just Dance 2018
Macarena*/(B) Los Del Rio (The Girly Team) Easy 1995 Dance Crew G/G/G/G Just Dance 2015
  • A (B) Means That The Song Is On Both Games.

Alternative RoutinesEdit

Song Artist Difficulty Year Mode Dancer(s) Original Game
Taste The Feeling(B) Avicii ft. Conrad Sewell Medium 2016 Alternate version/Solo
Just Dance 2016
Circus(B) Britney Spears Hardset 2008 Extreme version/Solo
Circus alt
Just Dance 2016
Don't Stop Me Now(B) Queen Easy 1979 Panda version/Solo B Just Dance 2017
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go(B) Wham! Medium 1984 From The Emoji Movie/Duet
WakeMeUpALT Cover Generic
Just Dance 2017
Electric Boy vs Disturbia(B) Kara VS. Rihanna Medium 2008 vs 2012 Battle/Duet
Battledisturicboy cover generic
Just Dance College Ruled 5: Love All Night
Que Sera*/(B) Justice Crew (thatdancingdog) Medium 2014 (2015) Alternative Version/Dance Crew B/B/B/B Just Dance College Ruled 8: Love All Night 2

Dance MashupEdit

Note: Mashups are playable via Just Dance Unlimited. However, they don't require a paid subscription. On Wii, Mashups are unlockable via Mojo Coins.

Song Theme Mode Icon Dancer Gold Moves Dancer(s)
Electric Boy Girl Power Solo All About That Bass Yes
ElectricboyMU cover generic
Hips Don’t Lie Caliente Solo Stuck On A Feeling Yes
What Is Love Icebreaker Duet Turn Up the Love Yes


  • Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch has Just Dance Greatest Hits 2/Best of 2
  • This game, like Just Dance: Summer Party used the same menu as Just Dance 2, Greatest Hits 2 uses Just Dance 2018's menu, and Best of uses Just Dance 2015's menu.



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