They are 8 out of 30 Achievements confirmed


Song Description Unlocked (Xbox 360/One) Unlocked (PS3/PS4/)
Welcome to Just Dance College Ruled Complete your first song 5G Bronze
3 Star Enforcementship Get 3 stars on any songs 5G Bronze
5 Star Enforcementship Get 5 stars on any songs 10G Bronze
Completed Complete Just Dance College Ruled (No Mash-Ups, Alternate Routine, Battles, and Community Remixes) 100G Gold
Hi Meow Meow! Get 5 stars on Holla At The DJ 10G Bronze
Re-Re-Remixed Dance Community Remix by myself 10G Bronze
Hey? What? It's My Diary Dance Marilyn Monroe 3 times 30G Silver
Censorship Community Remix Get a censorship on community remix 5G Bronze

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