This is all about James Kephart and the songs from any Just Dance game, Released on April 6, 2016.

Track listingEdit

Song Artist Difficulty Year Mode Dancer(s) Gold Moves
(I've Had) The Time Of My Life(4) Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes Medium [Hard] 1987 Duet G/B 5
4x4(2015) Miley Cyrus Easy 2014 Dance Crew B/G/G/B 3
Acceptable in the 80s(1)/(X-3D)/(G) Calvin Harris Medium 2007 Solo G 4
Addicted To You(2015) Avicii Medium 2013 Solo G 4
Africa(CR2) Toto Easy 1982 Solo B 9
Ain't No Mountain High Enough(2015) Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell Medium 1967 Duet G/B 3
American Boy(2D)/(S) Estelle feat. Kanye West Medium 2008 Duet B/G 3
Apache (Jump On It)(3) The Sugarhill Gang Medium [Hard] 1981 Solo B 4
Asereje (The Ketchup Song)(4) Las Ketchup Easy 2002 Duet G/G 3
Baby Don't Stop Now(3D) Anja Medium 2011 Solo G 5
Baby Girl(2)/(3D)/(4D)/(G) Reggaeton Medium 2003 Solo
Baby girl jdn
Bailando(2015) Enrique Iglesias feat. Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona Medium 2014 Duet G/B 4
Beware Of The Boys(4) Panjabi MC Medium 1998 Dance Crew G/G/G/G 5
Body Movin' (Fatboy Slim Remix)(2)/(G) Beastie Boys Easy 1998 Solo
Just Dance Now - Body Movin'
Boogie Wonderland*/(3) Earth, Wind & Fire feat. The Emotions (Groove Century) Medium 1979 Dance Crew G/B/B/G 4
Born This Way(2016) Lady Gaga Medium 2011 Trio B/G/G 4
C'mon Ke$ha Medium 2013 Duet G/B 1 (Each)
Call Me(2) Blondie Medium Solo G 3
Cosmic Girl(2)/(X-3D)/(G) Jamiroquai Easy 1996 Solo G 1
Cotton Eye Joe(1) Rednex Easy 1994 Solo
Just Dance Now - Cotton Eye Joe
Crazy In Love*/(2)/(G) Beyonce ft. Jay Z (Studio Musicians) Hard 2003 Solo G 3
Crucified(4) Army of Lovers Hard 1991 Dance Crew G/B/G/B 2
Da Funk(3) Daft Punk Medium 1995 Duet B/B 3
Dagomba(2)/(3D)/(4D)/(G) Sorcerer Medium 2003 Solo
Dare(1)/(3D)/(G) Gorillaz Medium 2005 Solo B 4
Disturbia*/(4)/(2015D)/(JWiiU2) Rihanna (Hatsune Miku) Medium [Hard] 2008 Solo G 3
Don't You Worry Child(2014D) Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin Medium 2012 Solo B 3
Down by the Riverside(2D)/(3D)/(G) The Reverend Horatio Duncan and Amos Sweets Medium 1927 Solo G 3
E.T(3BBE) Katy Perry Easy 2011 Solo G 3
Eye of the Tiger(1)/(G) Survivor Easy 1982 Solo G 4
Fame*/(1)/(3D)/(G)/(DOB) In the style of Irene Cara Easy 1980 Solo G 4
Flashdance ... What A Feeling*/(2014)/(JWiiU2) Irene Cara (The Girly Team) Easy [Hard] 1983 Solo G 3
Funkytown*/(2BBE)/(S) Lipps Inc. (Sweat Invaders) Easy 1980 Solo B 4
Futebol Crazy(2D)/(S)/(3DLC)/(G) The World Cup Girls Easy 2009 Solo G 4
Gangnam Style(4D)/(2014D)/(JWiiU) PSY Easy [Hard] 2012 Duet B/G-B-G 3
Girlfriend(2)/(G)/(J2)/(2015D) Avril Lavigne Medium 2007 Duet G/G 3
Girls Just Want to Have Fun(1) Cyndi Lauper Easy 1983 Solo G 4
Happy(2015) Pharrel Williams Easy 2013 Solo B 3
Heavy Cross(4D) Gossip Medium 2009 Solo G 3
Here Comes the Hotstepper(2D)/(S)* Ini Kamoze (The Hit Crew) Medium 1995 Solo B 4
Hey Mama(2016) David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha and Afrojack Medium 2015 Trio B/G/B 3
Hey Ya!(2)/(G) Outkast Hard 2003 Solo B 3
Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)(4) Blu Cantrell Easy 2001 Solo G 1
Holding Out For a Hero(2015) Bonnie Tyler Medium [Hard] 1984 Solo B 4
Ievan Polkka(2016) Hatsune Miku Easy 2007 Solo G 1
I Love It(2015) Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX Hard 2012 Solo G 4
I Want You Back(2) The Jackson 5 Easy [Medium] 1969 Solo B 4
Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)(2BBE)/(S)/(G) A. R. Rahman and The Pussycat Dolls feat. Nicole Scherzinger Medium 2009 Solo G 2
Jump In The Line(2)/(3D)/(G) Harry Belefonte Medium [Hard] 1961 Duet G/B 1
Katti Kalandal(2)/(3D)/(G)/(J) Bollywood Medium 2000 Duet G/B 3
Kids in America(1)/(3D)/(K) Kim Wilde Medium 1981 Solo G 6
Love Me Again(2015) John Newman Easy 2013 Solo B 4
Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix)*/(2015) Los Del Rio (The Girly Team) Easy 1995 Dance Crew G/G/G/G 2
Mahna Mahna*/(2015) Frankie Bostello (as made famous by Piero Umiliani) Easy 1968 Trio G/B/G 2
Monster Mash*/(2) Boris Pickett (The Frighteners) Easy 1962 Solo B 2
Moskau*/(2014) Dschinghis Khan (Dancing Bros) Hard 1979 Duet B/G 3
Move Your Feet(2)/(G) Junior Senior Medium [Hard] 2003 Solo B 4
Movement Is Happiness (Find Your Thing)(2015) Avishay Goren and Yossi Cohen Hard 2014 Solo G 4
Only Girl (In the World)(3)/(G)/(J2) Rihanna Medium 2010 Solo G 4
Papaoutai(2015P) Stromae Easy 2013 Duet B/B 4
Part of Me(4D)/(JWiiU) Katy Perry Medium [Hard] 2012 Solo G 4
Pon de Replay(2D)/(S)/(G) Rihanna Medium 2005 Solo G 4
Problem(2015) Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea Easy 2014 Solo G 2
Promise(CR7) Kohmi Hirose Medium 1997 Solo G 11
Proud Mary(2)/(X-3D)/(G) Ike and Tina Turner Hard [Medium] 1971 Solo G 9
Pump Up the Volume(2D)/(S) MARRS Medium 1988 Solo B 2
Rasputin(2)/(3D)/(G) Boney M. Hard 1978 Solo B 1
Rock 'N Roll(2014D) Avril Lavigne Easy 2013 Solo G 4
Speedy Gonzalez*/(2015) Los Pimientos Locos (as made famous by Pat Boone) Easy 1962 Duet B/G 2
Sexy and I Know It(H)/(2014D)/(JWiiU) LMFAO Medium 2011 Solo B 2
Should I Stay Or Should I Go(2BBE) The Clash Easy 1982 Solo B 3
Song 2(2D)/(S)/(K2) Blur Medium 1997 Solo B-G-B 3
Spice Up Your Life(2D) Spice Girls Easy [Hard] 1997 Duet
Spice Up Your Life JDN Remake
Summer(2015) Calvin Harris Hard 2014 Solo G 5
Superstition(4)/(JWiiU) Stevie Wonder Easy 1972 Solo B 4
Tetris*/(2015) Dancing Bros. Easy [Hard] 1989 Dance Crew B/G/B/G 1
The Fox(2015) Ylvis Medium 2013 Trio G/B/G 3
The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)(2) Cher Easy [Medium] 1990 Duet G/G 3
Tik Tok(2)/(J2)/(G) Ke$ha Medium 2009 Solo G 3
Till I Find You(2015N) Austin Mahone Medium 2014 Solo B 4
U Can't Touch This (1)/(3D)/(G) MC Hammer Easy [Medium] 1990 Solo B 3
Venus(3) Bananarama Easy 1986 Solo G 5
Viva Las Vegas(2)/(G) Elvis Presley Medium 1964 Solo B 4 (Due To The First Repeated Gold Move)
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go(2) Wham! Easy 1984 Solo B 2
Walk Like An Egyptian(2)/(3D) The Bangles Medium 1986 Solo G 3
Walk This Way(2015) Run DMC featuring Aerosmith Hard 1986 Dance Crew B/B/B/B 3
Wannabe(1)/(J) Spice Girls Easy 1996 Solo G 2
Want U Back(4W) Cher Lloyd ft. Astro Easy 2012 Solo G 4
What About Love(2014D) Austin Mahone Medium 2013 Solo B 4
Why Oh Why(2D)/(S)/(3DLC) Love Letter Easy 2009 Duet G/B 3
You Can't Hurry Love(2D)/(S)/(J) The Supremes Medium 1966 Duet G/G 7
You Make Me Feel(4D) Cobra Starship ft. Sabi Easy [Medium] 2011 Solo G 4
You Spin Me (Like A Record)(2015) Dead Or Alive Hard 1984 Solo B 3

Japan ExclusivesEdit

These songs go along with the non-Japanese songs

Song Artist Difficulty Year Mode Dancer(s) Gold Moves
Acerola Taisō no Uta(JWiiU) Humbert Humbert Easy 2010 Duet G/G 1
Age Age Every Knight(J2) DJ Ozma Easy 2006 Solo B 6
Body & Soul(J2) Speed Medium 1997 Solo G 3
Cutie Honey(J)/(2015D) Koda Kumi Medium 2004 Solo G 5
Dance de Bakōn!(JWiiU) C-ute Medium 2010 Solo G 4
Dance My Generation(JWiiU) Golden Bomber Easy 2013 Solo B 5
EZ Do Dance(JWiiU) TRF Medium 1993 Duet B/G 4
Fantastic Baby (Japanese Version)(JWiiU)/(2015) BIGBANG Hard 2012 Solo B 5
Go Go Summer!(J2) Kara Hard 2011 Dance Crew G/G/G/G 4
Heavy Rotation(J) AKB48 Easy [Hard] 2010 Duet G/G 5
I Wish For You Exile Hard 2010 Duet B/B 6
I'm Your Man(J2) 2PM Hard 2011 Solo B 5
Kimi ni Bump(J) Ketsumeishi Medium 2004 Duet G/B 3
Love Revolution 21(J) Morning Musume Easy [Hard] 2000 Duet G/G 4
Mickey (Hawaii Version)(J) Gorie with Jasmine and Joann Easy 2003 Solo G 4
Mister(J) Kara Medium 2010 Solo G 5
Samishii Nettaigyo(J2) Wink Easy 1989 Duet G/G 3
survival dAnce 〜no no cry more〜(J) TRF Medium 1994 Solo B 4
We Can Fly(J2) Happiness Hard 2012 Solo G 6
Won't Be Long(J) Exile and Koda Kumi Easy 2006 Duet B/G 3
Yeah! Meccha Holiday(J2) Aya Matsuura Medium 2005 Solo G 6


DLC's are free, starting with April 6, 2016.

Song Artist Difficulty Year Mode Dancer(s) Release Date Gold Moves
Groove Is in the Heart(1) Deee-Lite Medium [Hard] 1990 Solo G April 6, 2016 1
We R Who We R(4D)/(2014D) Ke$ha Medium 2010 Solo G April 6, 2016 2
Jerk It Out(1) Caesars Hard 2003 Solo B April 6, 2016 4
I Like to Move It (Radio Mix)*/(1)/(3D)/(G)/(K2014) Reel 2 Real feat. The Mad Stuntman Medium 1993 Solo G April 6, 2016 4
Kung Fu Fighting (Dave Ruffy / Mark Wallis Remix)(2D)/(S)/(G)/(K) Carl Douglas Medium 1974 Duet B/B May 11, 2016 4