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It's My Life is a hit song by Bon Jovi, coming from their 2000 album Crush. It's on Just Dance Party All Night


The dancer is female and looks like a teenager (possibly 14 or 15). She wears the following:

  • Blonde hair in a loose ponytail and black headband.
  • Reddish-purple, loose shirt that reads Rock Chick in gold letters.
  • She has a gold crop tank underneath.
  • Dark-washed jeggings w/ red belt.
  • Red leather booties.
  • Her glove is a light grey

Extreme DancerEdit

She wears the following:

  • Brown hair in a braid.
  • Black-and-grey graphic tee w/ black vest.
  • Olive-green jeggings.
  • Black leather booties.


She's in a park with Philadelphia in the back, at night time.

Gold MovesEdit

There are 4 gold moves in this routine. Two of them are the same.

1st & 3rd: Put one arm and leg up (akin to Tell Your World from Just Dance Wii U, in Japan).

2nd: Slap both of your palms down.

4th: Sit down and put your arms up (akin to Beat Match Until I'm Blue from Just Dance 3).


Theme: Let's Rock

Note: Come with Me Now dancer appears in the mashup, It's was only for PS3, PS4, and PSU

Dancers (No Repeats):


  • This is the 1st Bon Jovi song in the series.
  • He also appears in Et Cetera.
  • The Second Street Tunnel was featured in the music video.
  • If you look up closely, the left dancer has braces. He also appears in Any Way You Want It.


File:Bon Jovi - It's My Life

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