It's My Birthday
Game(s) Just Dance 2015
Artist featuring Cody Wise
Year 2014
No. of Gold Moves 3
No. of Shake Moves
Dancer Gender(s) Male/Female/Male (♂/♀/♂) (Classic)
Male (♂) (Bollywood Dance)
Mash-Up Suit Up!
Alternate versions
Mode Trio (Classic)
Solo (Bollywood Dance)
Pictogram Color Pink/Orange/Lavender (Classic)
Light Blue (Bollywood Dance)
Glove Color Pink/Orange/Lavender (Classic)
Red (Bollywood Dance)
Lyrics Color Orange (Classic)
Blue (Bollywood Dance)

 "It's My Birthday" by ft. Cody Wise is featured on Just Dance 2015.



The lead dancer is a woman. Her Mohawk hair is black with a light blue swirl. She's wearing a dark purple crop top, a dark purple skirt, blue leggings, and blue peep toe heels. She is wearing sunglasses.

The backup dancers are both men. The one on the left's pony tailed hair is also black. He's wearing a blue striped tank top, grey-purple jeans, and light blue sneakers. The one on the right is wearing a dark purple fedora, a blue, purple, and yellow sweater, dark blue shorts, tall black socks, and dark purple sandals. The two of them are also wearing sunglasses.

Bollywood DanceEdit

The extreme dancer is a man. His tied up hair is black. He is wearing a blue long sleeved shirt, a pink crop top, orange pants, blue socks, and black shoes.



The background contains a pointed crown. The crown and the floor light up different advanced shapes.

Bollywood DanceEdit

The background is in the same shape as the backgrounds in extreme versions of the previous game. In the squares, there are different animated shapes around. It mostly flashes red.

Gold MovesEdit


The classic mode has three gold moves.

GM1 and GM2: Bring your arms inward in a circle.

GM3: P1; bring your arms backwards while kicking with your left leg. P2; twist your right leg and right arm. P3; hop and cross your wrists.

Bollywood DanceEdit

The Bollywood dance has four gold moves.

GM1 and GM2: Bend your right arms and pump it to the right.

GM3: Make a semi-circle with your right arms.

GM4: Throw your arms out.


The mash-up has 4 gold moves.

  • Gold Move 1: Wipe the sweat off your brows. (Done with the dancer from Love Boat)
  • Gold Move 2: Put your right hand up. (Done with the dancer from Moves Like Jagger)
  • Gold Move 3: Put your arms out and spin to the left. (Done with the dancer from Superstition)
  • Gold Move 4: Move your arm to the left. (Done with the dancer from Fine China)

Mash-Up Edit

It's My Birthday has a mashup that can be unlocked for 20 Mojo coins. Its theme is "Suit Up!", meaning it features dancers that are in suits.

Order of dancers (repetition included):

[GM] indicates a gold move.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second song by in the series, the first being #thatPOWER In Just Dance 2014.
  • This is also the first song by Cody Wise in the series.
  • "D*mn" and "body" (from "I want your body", which is a sex reference) are censored. "D*mn" is actually replaced with "ooh" in terms of audio, but it's still replaced with three dots (...) in the lyrics.
  • This was the first confirmed trio where the backup dancers do not look exactly the same.
  • The backup dancers look like the Get Lucky dancers. They might be the same.
  • This is the second song to contain more than two languages (English, Spanish, and Japanese); the first was Call Me, which features English, Italian and French.
  • The word "señorita" in the line señorita ven aquí is wrong spelled as "senorita" with a n instead of a ñ. "Señorita" is spanish for Miss/Lady.
  • The song was originally titled "Birthday", but was re-titled "It's My Birthday" to avoid confusion with Katy Perry's song of the same name Birthday, which is also on Just Dance 2015.
  • The mashup only features male dancers. It is the third MashUp after Take On Me's one in Just Dance 3 to feature only male dancers, and the second is Maneater MashUp in Just Dance 4 (excluding the original dancer).
  • All the dancers in the Suit Up! mashup are wearing suits.
    • "Suit" Up! is why they only wear suits.



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