I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Seeb Remix) by Mike Posner is featured on Just Dance College Ruled 8: Love All Night 2.


The dancer is a man with black hair, a pink hoodie that says "JD", a green glove, blue pants, & purple shoes.


The background looks like a nightclub with a lot of lights and people.


The Mashup Theme is "Dancing Quartet"


  • Lean On (JD2017)
  • Bye Bye Bye (JD:CR7)
  • Thnks fr th Mmrs (Air Band Dance Crew)(JD:CR8)
  • Circus (JD2016)
  • Paint It Black (JD:CR5)
  • Bang Bang [GM4] (JD2015)
  • EG Stomp (JD:CR2)
  • Pound the Alarm (JD2014)
  • Blood on the Dance Floor (JD:CR6)
  • What Makes You Beautiful [GM1] (JD4)
  • In The Summertime [GM2] (JD2014)
  • Turn Up The Love (Sumo)(JD2014)
  • Walk This Way [GM3] (JD2015)


  • This is Mike Posner's first song in the series
  • "F**k" in "But f**k it" is censored.
    • However, "it" is not heard after "f**k"

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