Hey Ya is a song that is on Just Dance 2. It's also included as a DLC in Just Dance 3 and is on the main list in Greatest Hits/Best Of.


The dancer is wearing a checkered shirt with suspenders and glasses. He is also wearing a purple hat.


The background is a collage of different colored shapes.


  • This song was also on Just Dance: Greatest Hits/Best Of.
  • "Cumma" is censored.
    • However making themselves cumma.
  • When the song ends, in Ju Dance 3 and beyond, the dancer turns to a white blur, while in Just Dance 2 he is still visable.
  • In JD2, on the menu, when you see this song it's zoomed in on mostly his face. It was changed in JD3 so you can see his whole body like Rasputin.
  • This is the first (and only) Outkast song on JD.


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