Dancer Edit

  • The Dancer Look Like Avril Lavigne.
  • On Stage:B/G/B

Background Edit

The Sign Said Here's To Never Growing Up With Rainbow Swirling And Fire Circle On The Floor.

On Stage Edit

  • Color:Red
  • Glove:Pink/Red/Pink

Mashup Edit

Note: Beat It was not appear and replaced to Battle Scars Edit

Theme: Best of JD2015

Dancers (No Repeats):

  • I Love It
  • Problem
  • Happy
  • I Luh Ya Papi
  • Love Me Again
  • Burn
  • Black Widow
  • The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) (Lead Dancer)
  • Walk This Way (Old School)
  • Summer
  • Break Free
  • Holding Out for a Hero

Party Master Mode Edit

Community Remix Edit

People Who In The This Remix Are:

  • Bunkey580
  • xhappyQueenx
  • icekingfan
  • JamesLeeKephart
  • KelvinJaederGames
  • Hmate57
  • Tulioakar96
  • Lola's Studio
  • OfficialMoChocolate
  • Humberto Contreras
  • Catred2808
  • ourina alibi
  • Just Dancer (Papaoutai African Dance)
  • muffinthief123
  • Just Dancer (Walk This Way Old School)
  • Add People From YouTube

Gold Moves Edit

Classic (3) Edit

1. Move Your Hands Up On The Sky

2. Move Your Hands Like A Snake Same Gold Move On Feel So Right

3. At The End of Song, Do The Robot

On Stage (4) Edit

1. Move Your Hand Down Like A Monster

2. Slap Your Face

3. Shake Your Body

4. Kiss The Screen

Trivia Edit

  • F**k and A*s are censored, It was too expilict.
    • "A*s" was replaced to "Hey"

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