Get On Your Knees By Nicki Minaj And Ariana Grande Is A Song That Is On Just Dance: College Ruled 4

Dancer Edit

The dancer is wearing

  • Brown Hair
  • Pink tangtop
  • Black sweats
  • Light Blue Glove

Background Edit

The Background Is A Studio Arena And Has Pink Speakers And A Pink Floor. It Turns Turquoise At Ariana's Part.

Mashup Edit

The mashup's theme is Best Of JD2014 DLC. REST ARE IN PROGRESS DO NOT EDIT!

Dancer are (No Repeats)

Triva Edit

  • Katy Perry Was Mentioned In this song but, was spelled as Kate perry.
  • S**t, A**, Twerkin, And Panties Are Censored.
  • This Is The 8th Ariana Grande Song In The Series.
  • "Twerkin" was not censored in the preview.

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