Funhouse is a song by P!nk that is on the Just Dance 4 shop. The dance style is circus. This is also a recycled DLC (along with Part of Me) that was released on March 25th.


The background is kind of a circus with a curtain that opens and closes at certain points. When the curtain is opened, we can see a theme park with a ferris wheel

In Just Dance 2014, the background is the same, except in the line "Burn this sucker down" where flames appear.



  • Cyan hair
  • Clowned-base dress
  • A small hat on the head
  • A cuff around her neck
  • Black high-heels

Gold MovesEdit

  • 1st & 2nd :Put your hand up like hitting in the air.
  • 3rd: Hit the floor
  • 4rd: Like gold moves 1 and 2, do it but standing.

Dancer appears in a mashupEdit


  • "F**ker" is replaced with Sucker
  • This is the second P!nk song in the series. First is So What in Just Dance 4, and Third is Heartbreaker in Just Dance College Ruled.
  • The dancer has a similar appearance to Lady Gaga.
  • The dancer appears lots of mashup.
  • In Just Dance 2014, a distorted circus/funfair music is heard before the song plays at the beginning.
  • In Just Dance 2014 when she says Burn this sucker down" there is fire in the background.
  • It was released along with You Make Me Feel...(PAL Only), Gangnam Style, Make The Party (Don't Stop) (NTSC Wii Only) and Dagomba.
  • Strangely, this is one of the few songs with Solo dance that have 2 avatars instead of 1, together with Moves Like Jagger and Song 2: one is already available and the other can be unlocked by downloading the DLC. Unlike Moves Like Jagger and Song 2, the 2 avatars are almost identical, only difference is the hairstyle: the DLC avatar in fact has gloomier and messed up hair, and the black hat doesn't have glitter.


Just Dance 4 - Funhouse - 5* Stars

Just Dance 4 - Funhouse - 5* Stars