FANTASTIC BABY (English Version) by BIG BANG is a song on Just Dance 2015.



A Japanese guy with his hair shaved on one side and long on the other. He is also wearing sunglasses.


It is an attacked city with wrecked cars in the background on fire, but changes to ice at some points of the song.


There's a mashup in this song.

  • Fantastic Baby (JD2015)
  • Blurred Lines (Extreme) (JD2014)
  • Marilyn Monroe (Extreme) (JD2015)
  • Can't Hold Us (JD2014)
  • thatPOWER (Extreme) (JD2014)
  • Forget You (JD3)
  • Electric Boy (JDWiiU)
  • Pound the Alarm (Extreme) (JD2014)
  • It's You (JD2014)
  • Summer (Sweat) (JD2015)
  • Barbra Sterisand (JD3)
  • Disturbia (JD4)
  • Wanna Be (JD1)
  • thatPOWER (Extreme) (JD2014)
  • Starships (JD2014)
  • Walk This Way (Alternate) (JD2015)
  • Starships (JD2014)
  • Electric Boy (JDWiiU)
  • Can't Hold Us (JD2014)
  • Viva Las Vegas (JD2)
  • All Good Things (Alternate) (JD2015)
  • Don't You Worry Child (JD2014)
  • All I Ever Wanted (Extreme) (JD2015).
  • Part of Me (JD4)
  • Funhouse (JD4)
  • Part of Me (JD4)
  • Fantastic Baby (JD2015)


  • The dancer looks like Skrillex
  • This is the first BIG BANG song in the Just Dance series.
  • This is the only song where the lyrics are in all caps.
  • This song is original version.
  • This song was on Jap. Version click here.

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