Earth Song is a song on Just Dance College Ruled 3: Party All Night.


  • Player 1: A boy that looks like the 2nd dancer of What Makes You Beautiful. He still has a green glove.
  • Player 2: A girl that looks like Princess Celestia in EG form. She has a red orange glove.
  • Player 3: Another girl that looks like Princess Luna in EG Form. She has a neon green glove.
  • Player 4: Another boy that looks like the Dagomba Dancer. He still has a yellow glove.

With an umbrellaEdit

The dancer looks like a boy that looks like the Beauty And A Beat dancer with a green umbrella, but he has a hooded jacket. He also has the same glove that is yellow.


The background is 2 sided. One side is a city and the other looks like the Dagomba background. It also has circles that have the dancers from the previous Just Dance Games.

With an umbrellaEdit

The background is a city with gold rain.

Gold MovesEdit


There are 9 gold moves in the classic version.

  • Gold Moves 1 & 3: From left to right, the dancers does the "I don't know" pose.
  • Gold Moves 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9: The dancers put their left arms down with their right arms on their heads.

With an umbrellaEdit

There are 5 gold moves in this version.

  • Gold Moves 1, & 2: Just put your arms with the umbrella on the ground.
  • Gold Moves 3, & 4: Play your umbrella as a guitar.
  • Gold Move 5: Put your umbrella down. That move is the last move.


There are 10 gold moves in the mash-up.

  • GM 1, 2, & 5: Make a circle with your hands. (Done with the Maniac dancer)
  • GM 3, 6, & 7: Spin in a counterclockwise direction. (Done with the Take On Me dancer)
  • GM 4, & 9: Raise both hands up while going to the right. (Done with the Let It Go (Sing Along) dancer.
  • GM 8: Stretch your hands out and lift your right leg. (Done with the Crying Blood dancer)
  • GM 10: Put your umbrella down. (That move is the last move and it's done with the Earth Song (With An Umbrella) dancer)


Dancers (No Repeats):

  • Earth Song (With An Umbrella)(JD:PAN)
  • We Can't Stop (JD2015)
  • Hey Ya (JD2)
  • Cutie Honey (JDW)
  • Maniac (JD2) [GM1]
  • We Can't Stop (JD2015)
  • Hey Ya (JD2)
  • Cutie Honey (JDW)
  • Maniac (JD2) [GM2]
  • Take On Me (JD3) [GM3]
  • Let It Go (Sing-Along)(JD2015) [GM4]
  • Maniac (JD2) [GM5]
  • Take On Me (JD3) [GM6]
  • Dagomba (JD2)
  • Take On Me (JD3) [GM7]
  • Love Me Again (JD2015)
  • Hey Ya (JD2)
  • Crying Blood (JD2) [GM8]
  • Proud Mary (JD2)
  • Let It Go (Sing-Along)(JD2015) [GM9]
  • Dagomba (JD2)
  • Earth Song (With An Umbrella)(JD:PAN) [GM10]


  • The classic version and the with an umbrella version has moves from the Michael Jackson: The Experience version.
  • Da*n is censored because it applies to not caring.
  • The zoom effect was found during the lyric, "Although I know we've drifted far."
  • Since this song is about the Earth, the dance is about the Earth, too.

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