EG Stomp is a song from My Little Pony: EG


P1 - Twilight Sparkle
EG Stomp Avatar 1

Dancer #1

EG Stomp Avatar 2

Dancer #2

EG Stomp Avatar 3

Dancer #3

EG Stomp Avatar 4

Dancer #4

P2 - Fluttershy

P3 - Applejack

P4 - Rarity


P1 - Pinkie Pie

6-Player Mode XOC VersionEdit

P1 - Twilight Sparkle

P2 - Fluttershy

P3 - Applejack

P4 - Rarity

P5 - Rainbow Dash

P6 - Pinkie Pie

On Stage ModeEdit

P2 - Fluttershy

P1 - Twilight Sparkle

P3 - Rainbow Dash

Michael Jackson And Applejack VersionEdit

P1 - The Fine China Extreme Dancer (He wears a hat, Michael Jackson's hair but theres a new color.)

P2 - Applejack


This dance takes place on a stage with the title that says "EG Stomp" that changes colors.


  • Black and white with a gray title in the beginning and the bridge.
  • Orange and brown with a golden title in the phases.
  • Blue and green with a brown title in the choruses.
  • The same colors as the pictogram colors at the rapping part, starting with P1 (it might have a golden title).
  • Sky blue and green with a white title, a rainbow, clouds, a black city, and confetti falling at the final chorus.

Gold MovesEdit

  • GM 1, 2, 5, 8, & 9: 4 of the dancers cross their arms.
  • GM 3, & 6: In a wave, Twilight Sparkle does a Michael Jackson pose, Fluttershy crosses her arms, Applejack raises her hand up to her head as she walks forward (akin to P3 of 4x4), and Rarity spins around once.
  • GM 4, & 7: In a wave, 4 of them point to the screen.
  • GM 10: 4 of them do a gold move from Walk Like An Egyptian while they get together at the end before the picture.

Mash UpEdit

Theme: 80's, 90's, And Today's Dancers (No repeats)

  • EG Stomp (Sweat) (JDCR2)
  • Born This Way (Lead Dancer) (JD2016)
  • Survival dAnce ~no no cry more~ (JDW)
  • Flashdance ... What A Feeling (JD2014)
  • Scream (Sweat) (JDCR2)
  • Some Catchin' Up To Do (JD4)
  • Step by Step (JD)
  • Mickey Mouse March (Family Flipbook Version) (JDW2)
  • Cosmic Girl (JD2)
  • Gentleman (JD2014)
  • We Can't Stop (JD2015)
  • You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (JD2015)
  • The Power (JD2)


  • This is from MLP:EG