Don't Mine At Night is a song on Just Dance College Ruled 3: Party All Night


  • P1 - The 4th dancer from Baby One More Time.
  • P2 - The dancer from Flashdance ... What A Feeling
  • P3 - The 2nd dancer from Macarena
  • P4 - The 1st dancer from Oops! I Did It Again


A Brick Wall With Grass Under It. The Brick Wall Has Words Like, "Don't Mine At Night" And "Just Dance."

Gold MovesEdit


Theme: Best Of JDW2

  • PonPonPon (JDW2)
  • Bo Peep Bo Peep (JDW2)
  • We Can Fly (JDW2)
  • Ride On Time (JDW2)
  • Independent Woman (JDW2)
  • Age Age Every Knight (JDW2)
  • Lovers Again (JDW2)
  • Mickey Mouse March (JDW2)
  • Ride On Time (JDW2)
  • Suirenka (JDW2)
  • PonPonPon (JDW2)
  • Body & Soul (JDW2)
  • Joyful (JDW2)
  • We can't stop the music (JDW2)
  • I'm your man (JDW2)
  • Yeah! Meccha Holiday (JDW2)
  • Joyful (JDW2)
  • Ride on time (JDW2)


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