"Disturbia" by Rihanna is a song featured in Just Dance 4 and Just Dance Unlimited.


  • This coach looks almost evil
  • Multicolored hair, both pink and dark blue
  • Her dress follows the same pattern, also being multicolored, but this time pink and a dark shade of blue.
  • Her dress consists of various spikes, giving her a scarier look.
  • To top it all off, she has black high heels.


Weird room with glowing colors (possibly electric wires). At the chorus the room goes black.

Gold MovesEdit

The song has 3 Gold Moves:
Gold Move 1 & 2: Put your hands on the legs.
Gold Move 3: Lower your hands.

Dance Mash-upEdit

The song has a mashup. The dancers that appear in order (No repetions) are:

Dance Mashups it appears in:Edit

Battle Edit

Disturbia has a battle against Electric Boy. For the battle, click here.


  • This is the fourth song by Rihanna that is on any of the Just Dance games. S.O.S. was on Just Dance 2, Pon De Replay is a DLC on Just Dance 2 and is also available on Just Dance Best Of (Greatest Hits), Only Girl (In The World) is available as a Target exclusive on Just Dance 3 and in Just Dance Best Of (Greatest Hits), and Disturbia and Umbrella are on Just Dance 4. However, in the PAL region, Umbrella isn't available on the Wii unless you buy the special edition.
  • The dancer in this song is on both the NTSC and PAL covers of Just Dance 4.
  • This is the queen song on Just Dance 4, meaning she is the most commonly seen dancer and used when advertising.
  • The dancer is supposed to be evil.
  • This is an avatar on Just Dance 2014 for 5 Mojo Coins.
  • This song is on Just Dance Wii U 2 (Hatsune Miku only)
  • First being is Tell Your World, this is a second being at Just Dance 2015 & Just Dance Wii U 2.
  • "S**t" is censored. It was only censored once in the middle of the whole song.
  • The dancer has a lightning on her face at the boxart but it appears as a triangle on actual gameplay.