Dancing Queen
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Dancing Queen is a song by ABBA is featured in ABBA: You Can Dance and Just Dance 2015. For JD2015 it was leaked here.

ABBA: You Can DanceEdit

There are two different choreography's for this song on ABBA: You Can Dance. The regular choreography (Dance Floor), is a woman with short blonde hair in a bob cut. She has a black sequined dress, red tights & black high heels.

The alternate choreography (Prom Night), is a teenager with long, curly brown hair, a pink & purple prom dress, gold high heels, a white flower bracelet & a silver tiara.

The background for the original is a dance floor, with the music video for this song. The alternate is a high school prom with a sign that says ABBA.

The gold moves:

  • (Prom Night version):

There are 3 gold moves for the Prom Night version, & they are the same.

  • Gold move 1, 2 & 3: Raise your hands, then bow

  • (Dance Floor version):

There are 3 gold moves for the Dance Floor version, & they are the same.

  • Gold move 1, 2 & 3: Fling your hands out

Trivia Edit

  • If this comes to Just Dance 2015, it will be the second time there's an ABBA song on the Just Dance series that comes from the You Can Dance series, the first one being Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight).
  • On ABBA: You Can Dance, this song has the most choreography's, at 2, plus a karaoke mode for this song, bringing the total to 3.


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