Chipper Doodle is a Workout by Kevin McLeod in Just Dance 2015.



Appearance in this workoutEdit

  • All Good Things (Alternate)
  • All I Ever Wanted (Extreme)
  • Billie Jean (Normal)
  • Birthday (Normal)
  • Burn (Normal)
  • Call It Whatever (Normal)
  • EG Stomp (Sweat)
  • EG Stomp (Dance Mash-Up)
  • Holding Out for a Hero
  • Holding Out for a Hero (Cray-Cray Duet Mash-Up)
  • I Love It (Normal)
  • I Love It (Dance Mash-Up (Best Of JD2014))
  • Love Me Again (Normal)
  • Love Me Again (Dance Mash-Up)
  • Love Never Felt So Good (Normal)
  • Summer (Normal)
  • Walk This Way (Old School)

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