Chandelier by Sia is featured in Just Dance 2017 and Just Dance College Ruled.


Abigail The Cat wears a light salmon-pink v-neck crop short thick-sleeved top with a few dots as a design on the top. Her stomach is showing too. Her stomach shows. For pants, she wears blue jean shorts with a black belt to tighten it. For shoes, she wears red heels. She also wears dark red gloves. Abigail also had her ears pierced and put black earrings in them. To complete her outfit, she wears a red hat.

However, She is singing Chandelier by Sia.


Recycling on On-Stage Background in Just Dance 2014, Because The New Version of Concert.

Gold MoveEdit

Gold Move 1, 2: Clap With a Left Hand


  • This is a second song by Sia, After She Wolf (Falling of Pieces).
  • This is a first song to have Abigail The Cat in On The Stage.
  • This is a first related in Just Dance 2017.
  • The Abilities are removed, because It's too inappropriate.

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