Can't Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake is featured as a Just Dance Unlimited song on Just Dance Forever.

Dancers Edit


C1 is a young man that strongly resembles Justin Timberlake. She has black hair, silver jacket with a silver t-shirt underneath, light blue jeans, & white shoes.

C2 is a little girl that resembles P2 from Blame It On The Boogie. She has brown curly hair, a dark blue romper, a aqua shirt, aqua & white socks, and brown snugs.

C3 is a man with a black fedora, a purple button-up shirt, blue pants, and black shoes sneakers.

C4 is a teenage girl with a turquoise hair, a yellow bow, red violet glasses, a red violet top, a yellow skirt, bubble pink tights, and blue sneakers.

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