Blurred Lines is a song by Robin Thicke ft. Pharrell Williams and is on Just Dance 2014. It has a classic version with a duet of two males, a mashup, and an extreme version of a solo female which is a DLC worth $2.00.



  • P1 - The dancer is wearing a blue fedora, a grey hoodie, black jeans, blue shoes, and a yellow glove. He resembles Pharrell Williams.
  • P2 - The dancer has short brown hair, sunglasses, blue denim jacket, a yellow shirt (briefly seen), blue jeans, black and yellow sneakers, and a yellow glove. He resembles Robin Thicke.

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This dancer has long black hair in a ponytail, black sunglasses, gold earrings, a long sleeve crop top, navy blue sweat pants, a gold belt, grey shoes, and a blue glove. She resembles one of the dancers from the music video.



Different shapes and colours, ranging from green to apricot, and yellow to red. Grey versions of female dancers from the same game are seen.


The extreme version's background is in the style of all the other extreme versions. The colours flashing are mostly blue, along with purple and yellow.

Gold MovesEdit


File:Blurred lines gold move 1.png
File:Blurred lines gold move 2.png

First: Both dancers shake both their arms while moving around. This occurs during "You're the hottest ... in this place."

Second and the third: Both dancers rub their left legs with their left arms (right legs and arms for the players). This occurs during "Get up-a" and "What you don't like work."


File:Blurred lines gold move 3.png
File:Blurred lines gold move 4.png

First, second, and fourth: She throws her hands out quickly. This occurs during "I hate these blurred lines."

Third: She makes a square with her arms, her left hand being near her face (right hand for the players). This occurs during "What you don't like work."

Background DancersEdit


  • This may be one of the most unique dances they've put on a Just Dance game.
  • Women coaches of Just Dance 2014 appear. (Feel This Moment, Unknown Dancer, I Kissed A Girl, Turn Up The Love, Feel So Right, It's You and Starships)
  • "Blasted" and "B**ch" are censored. Oddly though "nasty" isn't censored. However, "B**ch" can be slightly heard.
  • Both dancers have the same coloured gloves, something that's not common when there's multiple dancers.
  • In the original song there's a verse by T.I. but his part is not covered and the game, either because it was too explicit or to save time.
  • The extreme version's dancer is meant to look like one of the girls from the music video.
  • The extreme version's dancer is the same dancer from American Girl. The extreme routine and American Girl came out as DLC's on the same day, along with other DLC's such as What About Love by Austin Mahone, Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO, and One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks) by One Direction.
  • The 2nd dancer is maybe the same as One Way or Another.
  • The extreme dancer's hair gets in her face in the beginning of the song.
  • This song has a Mash-Up that works more as a sweat mash-up even though it's classified as a regular one.
  • Fine China appears at the end. However, when it changes, Fine China is still seen.
  • The unknown dancer in the Background is similar to Movement Is Happiness

Mash UpEdit

The song has a Dance Mash Up that is worth 5 Mojo coins like many of the other mashups. The mashup doesn't have Gold Moves.




File:Just Dance 2014 - Blurred Lines - 5* Stars
File:Just Dance 2014 - Blurred Lines (Extreme) - Alternative Mode Choreography - 5* Stars (DLC)-0


File:Just Dance 2014 - Blurred Lines (Dance Mash-Up) - Alternative Mode Choreography - 5* Stars-0
File:Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell