Birthday by Katy Perry is a song on Just Dance 2015.


The dancer is a woman that has marigold braided hair with orange bangs, a bubblegum pink top with blue plastic resembling cake frosting, a yellow and pink ruffled skirt, yellow tight with pink, white, and blue cupcakes, & blue boots.


The background is multicolored with several party or birthday aspects such as confetti, balloons, candy, cupcakes, etc.


The theme is Best Of Katy it features dancers from Katy Perry songs.

- Birthday

- I Kissed A Girl

- Hot n Cold

- Waking Up In Vegas

- California Gurls

- Teenage Dream

- Firework

- Part Of Me

- E.T.

- Dark Horse


  • The word 'Birthday Suit' is never censored, censored in The Lazy Song
  • This dancer looks like Dark Horse dancer.