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Berzerk by Eminem was on Just Dance 2015.



IMG 20140628 113811


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  • White Hat and Yellow Belt
  • White A-Shirt
  • White Shoes


The background is a Retro City as a offical video.


Dancers (No Repeats):

Gold MovesEdit

  • Gold Move 1, 2, & 4
    • P1: Roll your arm
    • P2: Punch in the Air after sprayed (Aka to Africa, and Red)
  • Gold Move 3: Flap like a bird
  • Gold Move 5: Cross your arms


  • "S**t, "B***h," "F**k," "H*e," "Styrofoam" "Drugs" and "discouraged" (when Eminem says) are censored.
  • This is the first Eminem song in Just Dance series.
  • S**thead with a potty mouth is replaced to Stuff that everybody knows.
  • This is suggested to be the most censored Eminem song in the series.
  • This 2nd dancer was made by the YouTube channel "The Thunder Productions"
  • This song is from "The Expendables 3"


Eminem - Berzerk (Official) (Explicit)04:21

Eminem - Berzerk (Official) (Explicit)

Official Version

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