BO$$ is a song by Fifth Harmony, It's featured in Just Dance College Ruled


Look At The Picture


Dancers (No Repeats):

Note: BO$$ Sweat Dancer does not appear in the Mashup, Do not edit the Mashup section.

  • Summer (Dance Fitness) (JD2015)
  • Built for This (JD2015)
  • Mr. Saxobeat (JD4)
  • Hot n Cold (JD1)
  • Feel This Moment (JD2014)
  • Built for This (JD2015)
  • Smile (JD:CR)
  • Part Of Me (JD4/JD2014)
  • Marilyn Monroe (Extreme) (JD:CR)
  • Barbara Streisand (JD3)
  • It's You (JD2014)
  • Follow The Leader (JD2014)
  • Where Have You Been (JD2014)
  • Waking Up In Vegas (JD2014)
  • Break Free (JD2015)
  • Problem (JD2015)
  • Feel This Moment (JD2014)
  • Funhouse (JD4/JD2014)
  • Wannabe (JD)
BO$$ (6 Players)

6 Players (Xbox One)


Bo$$ (Fanmade Backgrund)

The "Bo$$" Word On The Green Truck w/ Fifth Harmony.


  • "A*s," and "Shut Your Mouth" is also censored,"Shut Your Mouth" wasn't censored in Loadsamoney (Doin' Up The House).
    • A*s was censored in Radio Disney Insider.
  • This Is The 1st Song of Fifth Harmory.
  • This The First Fifth Harmony Song censored.
  • This Song Have 6 Player mode only for Xbox One.
  • The Sweat Version confirmed as a DLC.
  • The Classic's Background Have No "Bo$$" Word Only "BOSS" Word With No "$" Sign, However
    • The "Bo$$" Word Is A Song
  • In the Mashup, Summer (Dance Fitness), and It's You are only males.

Sweat VersionEdit

IMG 20141018 102046

BO$$ Sweat Avatar

The dancer was a Boy, He wears RXC R4D10T3X7 Headset, Camofluge Army Suit, and Army Shoes.

Gold Moves Edit

Classic: When They Say Yeah

P1:Shake Your Legs With Your Hands

P2:Hits The Screen

P3:Chomp Your Hands Like A Dinosanor

P4:Spin Your Body Like A Bullet

Sweat GM 1&2: Punch The Screen

Sweat GM 3 (Last): Jump Very High

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